by David Hare

The Watermill Theatre Company, West Berkshire Playhouse, October 1998

Time in Skylight is a precious commodity, the characters have spent time apart and have this moment to make or break their relationship.

The twelve hours before dawn provide for an emotional and physical journey transposed into the rapid evolution of light and objects in the space creating an emotional flashpoint where time stops. An image for the potential of people to change or remain the same.



Changing artificial light sources contrasted sharply with the small window of natural light. Finally the wall of books is torn down allowing for time’s solution itself, a glorious winter sunrise of a new day penetrating the now hazardous and wrecked room.




  Director: Euan Smith, Designer: Fred Meller, Lighting Designer: Robert Bryan



   This design was part of the Great Britain entry to the 1999 Prague Quadrennial at the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden.

All images Fred Meller - unauthorised copying/downloading prohibited.

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