by William Shakespeare

Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds, September 1998, and tour

A large perspex panel covered in black window film in front of very thin birchwood panels acted as a two-way mirror revealing a space in a different time. Venice was created using a shiny black floor piece; a dark wet void. The birch panels were backlit in varying intensities creating the arid heat of Cyprus; a stone floor and tiny shafts of light through cracks linked emotively to the psychology of the action. 



The actors removed clothing in this heat. The temptation scene was in a steam room. Costumes too played homage to the early 1800’s while through positive design choices to use modern elements adding an accessibly contemporary dynamic.

Director: Colin Blumenau

Designer: Fred Meller

Lighting: Nick Beadle

All images Fred Meller - unauthorised copying/downloading prohibited.

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